About Beer Bones

Craft Beer Bones started over a conversation at the brewery on ‘How else can you recycle spent grain’? After a few baking trials with beer in hand the perfect batch was brewed, and dogs were going barkers for them. All ingredients are human grade and only the freshest 4 Pines spent grain is used! After a successful sampling at the Manly Food, Wine and Sustainability Festival in June 2015 the commercial production began so

You can share your love of beer!

Are they safe for dogs?

Yes, For those of you who are new to the brewing process the malted barley is mashed through water, the starch in the barley is then converted into fermentable sugars, these sugars are then taken away to be made into beer for humans and the left over barley (now spent grain) is donated to farmers and made into craft beer bones! The spent grain holds all the flavour and is 100% alcohol free.

Why spent grain?

The brewing process produces tonnes of spent grain each year. 4 Pines currently donates the majority to pig and cattle farmers who can subsidise up to 50% of a pig or cows diet with it. As 4 Pines production grows, local farmers are struggling to keep up with the increasing supply. Over supply then ends up in landfill which is costly to the business and Sydney’s dwindling landfill capacity.

Who makes Beer Bones?

Gabi is a Sustainability Consultant, lover of craft beer and founder of Craft Beer Bones she is dedicated to reducing waste from landfill and reusing and upcycling wherever possible. In the last 12 months Gabi has diverted 700 tonnes of business waste off the northern beaches. This project lead her to start making quality products from by-products and this is how Craft Beer Bones were created.

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